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False Claims Act Statement

The following information is made available to demonstrate the importance that we at Gentle Home Care place on compliance with state and federal fraud protection policy.

Gentle Home Care Services, Inc., and its employees take health care fraud very seriously. Gentle Home Care Services, Inc., strictly prohibits our employees or agents from the submission or participation in the submission of any false claims, holding individuals liable for such activity.

The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) outlines liability for individuals who file (or cause to be filed) false or fraudulent claims.  A false or fraudulent claim can be defined as knowingly making an untrue statement.  Common examples in health care of this activity are: billing twice for the same service, billing a higher level of service when a lower level was provided, unbundling of charges, billing for equipment or supplies that were never provided, providing misleading information, etc…

In addition, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts also has its own False Claim Act which is very similar to the Federal FCA. Those who violate the provisions of either of these acts will face civil penalties from $5,000 to $10,000, and/or face additional damages which the Government sustains because of the violation. Violators may also serve jail sentences and risk exclusion from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Through our Corporate Compliance Program, Gentle Home Care Services, Inc., has implemented policies and procedures to prevent the filing of false claims.  We have also established a confidential disclosure program for employees to report suspected false claims directly to the Compliance Officer.  Employees are required to attend mandatory compliance training upon hire and annually thereafter.  In addition, Gentle Home Care Services, Inc., also has a strict non-retaliation policy.  If you know of or suspect that false claims are being filed, please report this information to the Compliance Officer immediately by calling 978-258-8479.

The Federal and State False Claims Acts also have what is known as “whistleblower protections”. Individuals with specific knowledge of false claims submissions have the right to file a claim and will be protected under both the Federal and the State False Claims Act for doing so. Under Gentle Home Care’s Compliance Program, employees are required to report suspected or known violations to the Compliance Officer or to another member of management.